Miss Tess Tickle

Tess Tickle has been performing to sell out audiences for many years now impersonating a variety of different musical and Hollywood Diva’s marrying them together with comedy and capturing them in the very best costumes and feathers. Tess Tickle is an award winning Drag Queen with an equally award winning cabaret show performing in venues all across the UK and abroad. 

The person behind the makeup… In 1986, on Saturday 21st June, late afternoon, Alison gave birth to a gorgeous baby, aka ‘Miss Tess Tickle’, weighing in at 6lbs 10oz. Both Mother and Father were so proud of their new arrival however, comedy, even in the labour room was at its best! Bryan, Tess’s father joked with the nurses and Alison that this baby would one day be a star as she was a miracle due to Alison’s Immaculate Conception!

Tess attended nursery where she was very popular with the children and staff alike and played the donkey in the nativity. As Alison said “after all love, you are an ass!”. She went on to Primary school where she attended until the age of 11. It was a small but quaint little school of 4 classes and again she proved to be very popular, however somewhat different. Once excluded for making up parodies and poems (not so nice) about the teachers. As you can imagine they weren’t very impressed by her creativity….

She then attended a Private secondary school for 4 whole weeks where in that time her parents were called to rethink Miss Tickle’s future as they didn’t think private education was for her. She was delighted! Attending the local secondary school is where Tess found her feet, meeting up with Miss Cara they instantly became friends while bunking P.E. She joined her local drama group and that’s where she first found her stage. Leaving after her exams Tess the toured the country performing with well known theatre production company, never missing a night, Alison Tess’s mother attended all of her local performances. Tess then went on to play parts in Pantomime and other small productions. However, her innate love for children soon brought an end to this short lived career and she decided to pursue her vocation and fulfil her passion for working with children. In 2008 Tess met her long term partner Mr Tickle, who she calls her husband, through a mutual friend where they struck up a friendship which naturally blossomed into a long term relationship. Mr Tickle has been her rock throughout the years and has continued to encourage and support her every move. Since the day they met they have only spent one day apart from one another. It was Mr Tickle who encouraged Tess back on to the stage. The rest is Herstory!

From hiking boots to heels

 June 2009 Miss Tess Tickle was created. Tess was invited to perform at a friend’s joint 18th and 30th Birthday party where Tess got the bug for performing, this time she knew this was the direction she must take. An opportunity came up in Newcastle ‘Drag Idol’. Tess entered this competition and week after week for 6 weeks Tess performed a number of mime, live numbers along with stand-up comedy which secured her a place in the final. It was the most nervous she has ever been! Tess is not a one for competition and never puts herself first but for one night only she did just that and ended the night in 1st position becoming the winner of Newcastle Drag Idol.

Following the competition Tess didn’t know what to do with her title but with Mark’s help and support she set up a show in her very own Cabaret venue where she performed week after week in a show called ‘Cabaret Show-time’. Violet and Tess’s double act show proved popular but came to an abrupt end after 18 months together when Violet decided it was time to leave…. It was such a sad time however if it hadn’t been for that turn of events and Violet’s change of heart Tess would not have or be who she is today. The support of her friends and Mark (Mr. Tickle) encouraging and supporting her, the show ‘Tess Tickle and The Dragettes’ was born. Her two very best friends Miss Cara and Miss Emma Royd came on board and Tess wrote and set a show for the following Monday. It was as if nothing had changed but merely evolved. Wow did this show evolve!

Dubbed as the ‘North East’s Premier Showgirl’, with Vegas style feathers, sparkling costumes this was a show that was becoming very popular. Tess Tickle and The Dragettes took to the road taking their show country wide performing summer seasons in holiday parks, clubs, pubs, small appearances on TV and performing in small theatres. They have been lucky enough to have performed at many Gay Pride events all over the country. Being North East Queens they have managed to develop a fantastic following within the area and endeavour to stay local and loyal to their fans. To this day Tess is performing somewhere near you and will continue to do so as long as the demand for her is present. It’s simply in her blood! One day she hopes to live up to that prediction made in the labour room and prove to her parents that Miss Tess Tickle will be a Star.