Miss Cara Winner of 2010’s drag idol Newcastle’s Miss Cara is a unique talent.
Her comic timing and ‘get me out of this dress’ attitude has the audience in stitches!
She brings classic cabaret to the modern day and is a real lover of all things vintage.
Cara is what we call in our group ‘A real drag Queen’.
Cara’s career kicked off after her drag idol victory and she then worked alongside Tess in their double act show ‘Caress’.
It was Miss Cara’s idea for Tess to enter Newcastle’s Drag idol the previous year. Prior to her win Miss Cara was Tess Tickle’s dresser and creative advisor however the dressing room was not fit for a talent big enough for the great stage!
Miss Cara is not only a great performing cabaret and live comical queen but most of all she is Tess and Emma’s personal and best friend.45