What can we say about this Queen other than she is HIGH MAINTENANCE!!

The reasoning behind her name is she is a royal pain in the ass.

Winning many awards for her ultra-glam appearance she gives Tess a run for her money in the glamour department.

She is the comedy element to the show often by accident due to not being able to follow a routine and often performs her own thing while Tess and Cara keep in sync. Famous for being the most gormless queen in uk so much so she thinks we mean gorgeous not gormless!

Emma once gave her passport to a burger van on the Scottish border as Tess and Cara told her the burger van was passport control, she also thinks Cumbria is in Dubia 

Emma is a fantastic host, DJ and compare not to mention a fabulous cabaret queen. As a group Emma, Cara and Tess are a team of friends, best friends who not only share a dressing room and stage; they share the same memories and will continue to make memories as their show career and friendship blossoms.